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Services Overview

"Similarities between Parking and Banking Services"
As banking ATMs emerged in the early 1970’s, customers only had the choice to use the specific ATMs from their specific bank. Slowly over time, these machines became connected to larger networks of ATMs and introduced dramatic new conveniences to banking customers while maintaining the individuality and unique marketing power of the individual banks - in addition to introducing enormous efficiencies to the back-office manual activities required with in-person customer processing.

Commutyble's Contract management, billing, and audit control automation establishes the foundation for revolutionary new product management and marketing tools. These features introduce the potential for member-networks - where individual Service Providers develop unique and never-before-available products/services while leveraging the efficiencies created through Commutyble’s innovative approach.


Creative Integrated Technology

It took a highly creative team of experienced technologists to successfully integrate customized Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology with innovative operations management software/application development and a game-changing eCommerce platform - resulting in a powerful new environment for supporting local parking-site management, centralized control, and most importantly - business process flow-thru thereby eliminating existing manual back-office support activities.

Through easy, intuitive "self-registration," Consumer-members establish a pre-paid payment account that applies to an expanding number of garage locations. With this account, monthly contracts and daily/hourly transient services are automatically billed, paid, and/or renewed. Contracts can be instantly approved and allocated and new, never-before-possible products (e.g. "Any 5-day within the month" parking pass) become easily supported through automated billing/payment.


Back-Office Cost Savings

With never-before-available features introduced to the Parking Provider such as:

  • Options to eliminate credit card fees
  • Automated contract management
  • Automated/outsourced billing
  • Entry/exit event correlation w/enhanced auditing)
  • Automated/dynamic pricing
  • Reduced reliance on paper tickets & related mechanical equipment

Commutyble drives automation and flow-thru throughout your organization.

"EZPass® for Parking"

Truly "frictionless" entry and exit processes changes the parking experience as barrier gates/doors open automatically for registered, paid members. RFID offers instant authenication with the highest level of accuracy and security deliverd by cost-effective, networked technology w/powerful capability.

Commutyble integrates gracefully with existing gates, traffic lights, and other access machinery.

Eliminate Mirror Tags

Automate your monthly contracts from application through renewal. The end-to-end process is easily shifted to Commutyble's co-branded Portal and easily customized to your specific business rules.

Customers may register multiple vehicles, as Commutyble recognizes the first one - automatically bills the second.

Turnkey Solution

Site technology, servers, and network equipment is installed as an option with no out-of-pocket capital required from the Parking Service Provider. Reasonable monthly fees cover all costs including on-going support.

This risk-free approach was designed to invite Providers to kick the "Commutyble tires" without incurring the high costs of traditional equipment suppliers.

Powerful Dashboards

Monitor your locations' real-time utilization, cash-flow, etc. with intuitive, meaningful dashboards and management reports for both headquarters (group views) and local sites.

Customize alarms, alerts, and notifications to ensure you're always in touch and aware.

Tools to Increase Your Occupancy

Increase your revenues and magnify your brand's power and visibility with Commutyble's new product development suite.

- perhaps you might want to sell a pre-paid "5-pack" allowing any 5-days of parking within a 30-day period.

- or reciprocal agreements across a number of your sites where specific members can park.

- how about "hooking" your brand through discounted parking after the first 5-parking transactions in a given 30-days across your sites?

Outsourced Billing & Payments

Member payments is a snap through Commutyble's flexible customer web billing and payment.

Commutyble introduces overarching flexibility and choice across customer payment options - via manual or automated payments and by secure bank transfer or credit card transaction.

Dynamic Pricing

Complete automation of your pricing processes are easy and expandable into products that were previously not possible. Custom pricing options can be applied for groups or individuals, and automated triggers activated for unusual conditions such as low/high occupancy and/or weather conditions.

Example: If occupancy is lower than expected at a pre-determined time of day, prices could be lowered and communicated electronically (conversely - on high-volume days, pricing could be increased).

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