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About us

Founded in the District of Columbia in 2011, New Harbor Network Systems, Inc. (New Harbor) is a technology solutions company concentrating on the development of advanced SaaS transportation support and e-commerce IT systems - pioneering new value across the consumer, business, service provider, and city government landscape.

Commutyble.com offers a broad suite of powerful/free member-services, integrated technologies, and mobile apps - delivering innovative convenience and value.

Our unique business/technology approach leverages extensive expertise in:

  • Innovative system/technology development
  • Operational management
  • Financial planning/oversight
  • Unrelenting focus on the User Experience
The Commutyble platform supports service providers and local businesses by introducing the means to lower operating costs, employ never-before-available marketing insight/tools, and dramatically improve their customers' experience.

"...the challenges of the local commute have remained essentially unchanged for over 150-years. Although horse-stables may have been replaced by modern parking facilities, Service Providers are limited by outdated processes - Commuters remain frustrated with parking inconveniences & increasing costs - Local Businesses struggle to attract regular/daily commuters. We can do better..."

New Harbor Network Systems, Inc. 2011

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